The Santa Monica Bay Area Human Relations Council (HRC) is a partnership of community organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals which promotes and supports a respectful and socially just community through education, advocacy, and resolution of local conflicts and issues. As an organization, we believe that each individual has a capacity to serve others and be an agent for positive change in his/her community and world. We believe in the value of a socially just community – a community that:

  • Views diversity as an asset
  • Advances understanding and cooperation between diverse perspectives
  • Respects the rich heritages, experiences and perspectives of the people who live and work here
  • Seeks to include the voices and equal participation of all of its members
  • Fosters individual responsibility for the benefit of all

To promote the nurturing of this vision, we:

  • Create opportunities for dialog relevant to the larger community such as youth violence, homelessness, racism, bigotry, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and exclusion. We are committed to respectfully listening to and learning from multiple voices and perspectives in this process.
  • Support the development of our youth’s ability to become respectful participants in our community through education, guided discussion and programs such as the Intergenerational Literature and Art Program and Kids With Cameras.
  • Celebrate Community Heroes, those individuals who tirelessly give of their time and energy to help make this a just Community.
  • Respond to issues that arise in our community by convening and/or facilitating gatherings to support/promote open and respectful discourse.

Adopted 3/24/2011