Advocacy & Response

This committee is charged with enacting the ‘advocacy and resolution of local conflicts and issues’ part of the HRC’s mission, as well as ‘responding to issues that arise’ as stated in our vision statement.

The committee was established in December 2011. Read More

It is currently engaged in two types of activities, both proactive and reactive.

The first activity is proactive. It involves community dialogues and Table Talks on issues of local concern, which the HRC has held several times a year since 2005.

The second activity is reactive. It focuses on building the HRC’s capacity to address local community conflicts that have arisen. The HRC already has a written procedure for referring community conflicts to other organizations. The Advocacy and Response Committee is charged with enacting this procedure. In addition, the Committee is engaged in activities to build its capacity for mediating community conflicts. At present, we are gathering information from other organizations that train volunteer mediators, so that we may offer this service in the future. Read More

The HRC is a member of the California Association of Human Relations Organizations.