Creative Works Program

Engaging students on what shapes our lives in important ways…

The Annual Creative Works Program at Olympic High School pairs senior community members with students for “An Intergenerational Project.” 

The pairs share and illustrate artistically the points in their life paths to promote greater understanding of the events, experiences, and insights that shape our lives in key ways.

    • Branching points are turning points in one’s life.
    • They may be big events such as a change in one’s family, travel, a move to a new city, marriage, or retirement.
    • Or they may be small events such as insights from reading a book or going on a hike. Big outcomes may have small beginnings.
    • Click on the diagram below to enlarge it. Go back in your browser to return to this page.BranchingPoints

Each pair will produce a work of poetry, essay, music, or visual art—photography, collage, mixed media, etc.—that illustrates branching points. See examples here. For the syllabus, lesson plans, and more about this program, Contact Us.

Special thanks to:

Anthony Fuller, Principal
Olympic High School, Off Campus Learning Center, Adult Education Center

Donald Murchie, Program Coordinator, Volunteer